Membership Benefits

Master Builders has been supporting contractors in South Africa for more than 100 years, and has the resources, infrastructure and experience to assist, promote and protect construction businesses in a number of key areas. Please note that some of these services are offered at no cost, while others are offered at discounted rates.

  1. Contractual & Legal – members get quality support and assistance on contractual, regulatory or building related legal issues.
  2. Promoting Members – members are listed and their services are promoted to the public, as well as to other members on their behalf.
  3. Health & Safety – members receive health & safety advice and assistance.
  4. Networking – members can attend meetings, workshops events and functions throughout the year.  Theese are ideal opportunities to network with colleagues and industry stakeholders, or to advertise your products and services to members.
  5. Lobbying – members are represented by a recognised body at the national and regional levels when lobbying government and industry stakeholders on pressing issues affecting the building and construction industry.
  6. Training – members can attend both training programmes are offered to members The Association has a dedicated Training Manager who is able to assist with any training-related queries.  We offer a range of industry and contractor development training courses.
  7. Information – members received online and offline communication on relevant information that members need to run their business efficiently and effectively. This may include tender notices, regulation updates, and other relevant industry information.
  8. SA BUILDER – members receive a copy of the SA Builder. This is the official journal of Master Builders South Africa, which is published every month.

Please contact the Association in your region for information on how to be a member.