Annual Report 2020

President's Report

The beginning of our 2019/20 financial year now seems like a distant memory given the happenings of the last few months. What is surprising, is the limited time within which everything has been packed. To say that the year was eventful would be a gross understatement of what the country and the construction industry have had to bear.

MBSA Congress
The year started on positive notes as we hosted one of the most successful Congresses at Emperors Palace in September 2019 in a revised format. We were looking for solutions and the Congress was charged with the urgency of the situation. We brought together key players in the industry including the SAPS, Reserve Bank, the Forum for Radical Economic Transformation and a loaded list of speakers and panellists with the aim of coming to an agreement on how to resolve topical issues around late payments, transformation and work opportunities...

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